You Can Never Go Fast Enough – The Richard Ruth Story


Since I started my career in video, film and photography, like most people in any career, you have that ultimate goal. The one thing you’d really like to do before hanging up your kit for the last time.
Well that opportunity has finally come for me, and I’m excited to be doing it, the pandemic of 2020 has slowed things down a little, but it’s still going to happen eventually. I’m hoping that early 2021 will be the starting point now, corona virus situation not withstanding. The Docufilm I plan to make is about a good friend of mine, Richard Ruth. “Never heard of him” I hear you say, that’s not surprising unless you’re into hot rods and old films, it needs to be both really. Richard is what can only be described as a legend in the hot rodding world, he built cars for two iconic Hollywood films in the early 1970’s, even having a cameo appearance in one of them.

The films I mentioned are called Two Lane Blacktop Directed by Monte Hellman and staring Singer/Songwriter James Taylor, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, Laurie Bird and seasoned actor Warren Oates, the second one was American Graffiti directed by George Lucas, and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Candy Clark, and Harrison Ford among others. Richard built the 1955 Chevrolet Hot Rods for both films. Those two films and in particular the ’55 Chevys in both films inspired people around the world to build tribute and even exact replicas of those iconic cars, but Richard was just paid a fee to build them and has never really had the recognition he deserved for his work on these cars and the subsequent success of the films to this day. This is what I’m hoping to achieve with my docufilm in 2021. 

The Challenge
Worley Mills. Tucumcari, New Mexico

The images above are of two locations from the Two Lane Black Top movie, both are in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The one on the left is where a UTE Station used to be, and was the location for the challenge scene in the movie, its the view from where the UTE station used to be. The second image, on the right is Borley Mills which could be seen in the background of the “Boiled Egg” scene

Town Square Santa Fe, New Mexico
Marys Cafe, Flagstaff, Arizona

Two more locations from Two Lane Blacktop, the town square in Tucumcari, where the panhandling scene was filmed, and Marys Cafe in Flagstaff Arizona, where the girl meets the driver and mechanic for the first time. Marys Cafe serves the best Chicken Fried Steaks for breakfast, if you’re ever there at Breakfast time. 😉  

My flight to Ohio on the 12th of August has been cancelled by Virgin Atlantic, and at the moment I’m waiting for a refund of my ticket, so I can rebook once all this corona stuff is behind us. If you want to keep up with progress, pop over to the Facebook page and give it a follow. Thanks for reading. 

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