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I’ve known about TikTok for sometime, never really bothered with it much until now. Like most Social Media platforms it has its fair share of rubbish, and also its fair share of trolls etc, but once you weed out the talented TikTok creators from the wannabes and the plain terrible, it’s a source of much laughter and entertainment, especially in these somewhat challenging times. There are some celebrity TikTok Creators, such, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Kevin Hart, Gordon Ramsey, and even Elton John and there are also some very entertaining ordinary people doing extraordinary things, not to mention singers, comedians and actors.

There is a train of thought that says TikTok is full of “millennials” (whatever that means) Are we not all just human?
So what if a large proportion of TikTok Creators are aged 25 or under? Does it means if you’re over the age of 25 you’re not capable of being entertaining or entertained? Does it mean you lose any talent you may have had for anything, if you’ve passed your 25th Birthday?
If people stopped pigeonholing each other and just accepted that everyone is different and has different ideas, and likes to others, the world would be a much better place.

My advice? Get yourself a TikTok account and even if you don’t upload any content yourself, enjoy what others are doing.

Here are some of my favourites to start you off

@katsclips (Comedy) @megan_marchant (Comedy) @blondie7788 (Performer) @perfectionpearson (Comedy) @joelbergs (Comedy) and @chisaicos (Cosplayer) @sineatersguild (Motivational) @theptchef (Food) @mo.the.nature.gal (Comedy)

And here’s some of the local TikTok creators to us here in North Wales

@doodlesndrops (Art) @the_fanning (Photographer) @serenwalker7 (Dancer) @gavnerp (Performer) @keena_mua_northwales (Comedy and Make up) @hannahrosesifleet (Comedy and Pets) @littlemissrandom1993 (Comedy, Singing and Pets) @natalieann_30 (Comedy and AMAZING Lip Syncing)

Being the Film Geek I am I’ve done two “TikToks” both of which are Ace Ventura Lip Syncs.) You can find my tiktok account here @geofftudno

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