Shooting ourselves in the foot?


As we all know, the guidelines for avoiding Covid-19 have been a bit sketchy to say the least, stay at home, go to work, don’t go to work etc, etc.
The Internet is full of Memes based on this very subject. The one thing that I find hard to fathom, bearing in mind that this situation isn’t forever, is the rude and disrespectful way that some people have expressed their fear of people from anywhere other than Wales coming to Wales.
The picture is just one example of some of the signs I’ve seen both online and around the area.

I get that people are worried, I get that hoards of tourists arriving in Wales for the weekend would not be ideal right now, but we need to remember that those same tourists are the ones who will help the country and the economy, (not just Wales) bounce back from this pandemic in the months and years to come.

So yes, make your voice heard, yes keep campsites and hotels and restaurants closed, and yes, it’s great that the people who do choose to flout the rules are being turned back by the Police, that’s how it should be.

But keep in mind that when all this is over, you’ll be wanting to welcome the very people you called “Covidiots” back to your attraction, hotel or campsite. So be kind, be courteous and be polite.

Visit Wales… later, we’ll be glad to see you.

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