Corona Virus Update


So as I write this we are in our 5th week of lockdown here in the UK. Its not easy for any of us, work has dried up for pretty much everyone except Key Workers, to whom we are eternally grateful for keeping the country going. 

I’m going to share my strategy for getting through this unprecedented situation the whole world finds itself in. 

1. Watch (or listen) to the News ONCE a day, preferably in the morning, not before bed. You know what’s going on, you don’t need to see/hear it every waking hour. 

2. Don’t share/send things about the situation unless they come from a reputable source, which is NHS, WHO or with a pinch of salt the BBC/ITV. Don’t believe everything you see, hear or read in the papers, tabloid or otherwise

3. Arguing about Politics at a time like this is totally pointless, although they like to think otherwise, ALL politicians are only human and no-one could have stopped this, not Corbyn, not Johnson, not even Churchill if he was still around. Viruses have no comprehension of, or care about political beliefs. 

4. Watch Comedy and other light hearted entertainment to keep the heebeegebees at bay. Steer clear of films like Contagion and other apocalyptic movies

5. Remember it’s not a foregone conclusion that you will A. Get Covid 19 and B. You will die if you do.

6. Remember this is not forever, sooner or later it will be over

And finally “Stay at Home”, doesn’t mean stay INSIDE your house 24/7, if you have a garden or back yard go outside and fill your lungs with fresh air and get sun on your face. It’s a well known fact that sunshine (in reasonable amounts is good for you (Vit D) as is fresh air, and there’s more of it with less cars on the road and planes in the sky at the moment.

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