The Big Tribute Music Festival Review

The last music festival I went to was Monsters of Rock back in 1988, its only because its never occurred to me to go to another that I’ve not been to one since. 

Until now. 

My wife said, “We’ve not been to a Festival together, lets go to the Big Tribute in Aberystwyth”

A friend told her about the festival and against my better judgement I caved and agreed to go. I say against my better judgment because although I’ve been to see a few tribute bands, its never quite the same as seeing the real thing. (Not the band or the drink)

So was it any good? The short answer is yes, it was very good indeed. To elaborate:

From the minute we arrived it was clear that the organisation was impeccable, there was no question about where to go or what to do. The security staff were friendly and helpful, the campgrounds were neatly laid out and the setting, surround by hills and trees was stunning.

We got in, parked up and within 5 minutes we were out and about, checking the food vendors and the various stalls selling what can only be described as festival gear and t shirts etc. 

One of the worst things about going to any music event with more than 2 artists performing is the long wait between set ups. Not the case here. It seemed like there was live music playing all day and evening without a break, which all added to the great atmosphere.

Drinks were available at reasonable prices and used a ticket system for purchase. Something else worth mentioning is that this festival is not only family friendly but also eco friendly as much as possible. You can purchase a “souvenir” mug on arrival and refill it when buying drinks which cuts down, if not eradicates, the proliferation of single use plastic and cans. There was also a litter patrol manned by volunteers all weekend. Big thumbs up for them.

With regards to the artists playing, there was literally something for every age and taste.

From 60’s (Beatles) to 80’s (Meatloaf) 90’s and 2000’s (Britney, Christina, Cold Play) Tributes and many more. All were exceptional and really knew how to work the audience for a great days/evenings entertainment.

As a re-introduction to festivals for me, this was one of the best, I’ll definitely be back next year.